Iron Blade Mod Apk v2.3 2022 [Unlimited Money/Everything]


Iron Blade Mod Apk is FREE to download on Android/IOS devices. It offers unlimited Money, Rubies, Diamond & Everything + Mod Menu & OBB Offline.
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September 29, 2020
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Ever wondered what being a warrior in the days of magic and sorcery felt like? You wanted to yield a sword and claim battlegrounds. Yes, we have got just the right game to put you in such a scenario. The Iron blade mod apk has got you covered! Set in prehistoric times when magic and sorcery were the order of the day. You are equipped with swords along with other weapons to fight your way to victory in this multiplayer RPG battle. The action and thrill, giving one the feeling of a god in this game. You can only just come alive with every action.

The Iron blade mod apk, is an epic action-filled game merged with role play. It is the latest version of the original Iron blade medieval legends RPG offline. It has surpassed a download of over ten million on the Google play store. Also armed with an award of recognition.


Set in medieval times in France where your task as a warrior is to battle the opponents and restore peace to France. As a Swordsman battling a whole military all by yourself to save your nation, how noble a task that rests upon your shoulders. The game has equipped every player with various unlocked features all for free, ranging from unlimited diamonds, rubies, money, everything. Just to give you an awesome experience. Also, the Iron blade mod apk is available for free download. No charges! Note, that the game also allows a play offline too.

The game is pretty easy and exciting to play. It is packed with very beautiful and stunning graphics to bring all features to life. You are engaged in a battle at all times, with limitless missions. The higher you go in the game the more rewards you attain as several unlocked features await you. All these have been made available to make your gaming experience all the more enjoyable. Weapons of all varieties, breathtaking environmental settings. This has got to be one of the best action video games on the internet today.

A mod menu that could be used on your Android or IOS devices has also been made available. They can also be used on your PC, you might probably need hacking tools to access it. You would love to try Anger of Stick 4 Mod Apk on your mobile screen with excellent graphics and smooth gameplay. All these put in place, will help harness all that the Iron blade mod apk has got to offer.

How To Play The Iron Blade Mod Apk

Playing the Iron blade medieval legends RPG offline mod apk is as easy as it comes, there are no technicalities required. All you need to do is download for free and enjoy. The game has been equipped to direct you every step of the way. From setting up your own epic virtual battlefield to conquering battles as they come. Equipping you with fascinating weapons and unlocked features all unlimited. You might choose to join forces with other players and build a strong defense for your territory. As this game is multi-player enabled.

Iron Blade Medieval Legends RPG Offline Mod Apk Features

Combat with other players

After setting up your personal grand virtual empire. You might want to keep it from predating opponents using several features already made available to you. You have every weapon at your disposal, all that is required is that you game up and fight your way to victory. It is a multiplayer game that can allow you to join forces with other players and wage war on some others or you can fortify your squad and keep getting the awesome rewards that await.

Great storytelling

The Iron blade mod apk, is a game that comes with great story content that you can enjoy asides from all the battling the game represents. The stories are pretty intriguing. I would recommend downloading Tacticool Mod Apk for free. You can only love it more and more as you play on. The likelihood of your getting attached to the game would not be surprising.

Weapons extraordinaire

The game is packed with glorious weapons used in the medieval age. Archaic, but nonetheless fascinating. Swords like you have never seen before, for great archery the game has got mind-blowing crossbows and arrows to give your fantasy of archery life. Other weapons of renowned history are available too. The higher you go in the game, it can only get better with upgrades.

Unlimited diamonds, rubies, money, and everything!

It can only get better! Diamonds, rubies, money, name it all. All are now available as many times as you need them. No limits! With all the fantastic weapons made available for you. This RPG motion video game only just got thrilling.

Supported on all devices!

You can play the Iron blade mod apk on all devices now. For IOS and Android devices and for PC. There is also no need to root your devices too. The game also needs no verification.

How to download or install the Iron blade mod apk

  • Firstly, to download the latest version of the game you will have to uninstall all other versions available on your device.
  • Secondly, a free download can be got from happymod or An1, just simply type in “Iron blade mod apk An1” or “Iron blade mod apk Happymod” on your search engine.
  • Click on the download button to download file.
  • On completion of download, there will be an option for installation.
  • Click on the installation button.
  • On installing, you follow the instructions therein to enjoy.


Downloading this game, the Iron blade mod apk will certainly leave no regrets. It is one of the games topping the charts on RPG motion video games on the internet. It has gotten downloads of tens of millions on the internet. An easy play the game, which is ever so relaxing and enjoyable. Giving you the thrill of being a swordsman armed with magic and sorcery in a time when all it could bring was honor and nobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Iron blade medieval legends RPG offline mod apk really offline?

Oh, yes it is. It can be absolutely played offline and downloaded all for free. It is a game that leaves no hassles. Easy to play, involves no verification, no roots. All you need to do is download and enjoy its awesome features.

Are there pop-up Ads on the Iron blade mod apk?

Pop-up ads? There are absolutely no ads on this game. It is completely hassle-free. All you need to do for PC and for IOS and Android devices is simply download and have an awesome experience.

Is the Mod menu available on the Iron blade mod apk?

The game has a mod menu for more exciting features on the hacked version. You can get access to so many other cool weapons and tools.

On what websites can I download the Iron blade mod apk?

You can freely download the game on the Google play store or you can use happymod or the An 1 for faster downloads. To download using the happymod, you could type in “Iron blade mod apk happymod” or “Iron blade mod apk An 1” for a more direct response to their site.


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