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Guardian Tales Mod Apk latest version 2022 is free to download on your Android/IOS device. Get Unlimited Money and Gems 100% Working Mode Menu.
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January 6, 2022
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Guardian tales mod apk is a roleplaying game. It is getting more famous day by day. It has been downloaded in millions. Although the graphics are pretty simple, they are immaculate, strong, and colorful, which are made to attract the user and make the user experience even more impressive. There will be many cool characters in this game, and you will interact with them. These characters will make guardian tales mod apk even more enjoyable for you.

You can also interact with the characters of online players. You can also team up with them—team up with your friends. If your friends do not have this game, then a\just tell them to download guardian tales mod apk from this site and invite them to team up with you. The more friends you have on guardian tales mod apk, the more interesting it looks. You can also choose your teammates depending upon their abilities, which might help you.


In guardian tales mod apk, you will be in a town called canterbury. This town has a lot of troubles, and you have to be the one to save this town’s people. You and your friends will have to team up and save this town from the monsters causing the trouble. By helping in fighting the evil that is causing problems, you will level up, and as you level up, the game becomes even more interesting as it starts testing your mental powers.

Guardian tales mod apk is a puzzle-solving game, and you have to solve a puzzle to get to the next round. You have to lift heavy boulders and then rearrange them to make explosives and solve the puzzle to clear the round. Solving the puzzle will require strategy development and thinking about the long-term effect of the move that you are about to make. Other games like Evocreo Mod Apk and Game Of Sultans Mod Apk are also popular amongst gamers in the world. This game will improve your strategic analysis and also will engage your mind.

You can also invite your friend to play this game with you. Team up with them and solve puzzles. You can also interact with other online characters and make them friends, and if your friends are not available to play this game, you can team up with them and play with them. The tier list will mention the rank. As you level up, the game will get more challenging for you, and you will require more time to solve the puzzle and get to the next round.


Strategy development

This game will improve your strategy-developing skill and engage your brain to become more active and aware of the options that you can use to escape around and reach the next one. You will have to think about your first move because even the wrong first move can cause you to stay stuck in the puzzle for hours. Just think before making any decision and be active while playing. Get unlimited everything by downloading guardian tales mod apk Reddit, available for IOS and PC. You will also get guardian tales codes and guardian tales guide with them.

Cool online characters

There will be many cool and amazing online characters. You will have to interact with them. This will make this game even more cool and interesting. Interacting with these new characters will help your team play and solve the puzzle when your friends are unavailable to play with you. All these characters will be of people from all around the globe playing this game.

Play with friends

You can play guardian tales hack mod apk with friends. If they have this game, then that is good. If not, you can tell them about this site and how it gives a modified latest version 2022 of this game, which is much easier to play. You can also make new friends on this game by interacting and playing with them. Making new friends will give this game a new color and turn. Playing this game with friends will require the internet.

Pvp and single-mode

You can play guardian tales hack mod apk as a single-player if you want to and do not enjoy playing with others. But if you like playing with your friends, you can play with them by connecting with them via the internet. Single-mode can be played even if you do not have internet and, hence, offline. So it does not matter that you are playing this game offline or online.

You will enjoy this game for sure. The tier list will tell you about your rank. Get the free download of guardian tales mod apk Reddit to get unlimited everything and mod menu, god mode, and Platinmod.


The graphics are so unique and colorful. The clean graphics make this game attractive, even if the visuals are 2D. The colors make the users happy and stimulate their brains to work more and get fresh to solve the puzzle. The developers designed the graphics to help users engage their mental power and solve the puzzles.

How to download guardian tales mod apk?

If you have the latest version of guardian tales on your mobile, you should delete that one. Free download is available on this site for IOS, PC, and android 1 and gets mode menu, god mode, and Platinmod. A guardian tales guide will also be given. Guardian tales Mod Apk Android 1 can also be downloaded.

  1. Click on the download button on this website and start downloading this game.
  2. When the download is completed, start the installation process.
  3. Once the game is installed on your phone, you can launch it and then solve the puzzle and make your mind even sharper.


This is a roleplaying game in which you have to solve puzzles to get to the next round. As you level up the puzzles, start getting more complicated. But that will make your brain engage even more. The graphics are also colorful and neat. You can play this game as a single-player and also as a team-up. You can team up with your friends and make new friends on this game by interacting with them and then team up with them to play if your friends are not available.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to play this game with a good internet connection?

No, you can also play this game offline. But in offline mode, you cannot play with your friends. To play this game with your friends, you have to get a good internet connection.

How do I get unlimited money and gems?

Just download this game from this site. This modified game will automatically give you unlimited gems, money, and guardian tale codes.

How do I solve the puzzles?

You have to engage your brain and think about every step. Once you get a basic idea of solving the puzzles, it will not be difficult.


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