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Cooking Madness Mod Apk V 2.0 one of the best simulation game with unlimited money and gems. Its Mod contains hacks and cheats with unlimited coins.
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Cooking madness mod apk 2021 is all about cooking, so if you are a cooking fan then you are just at the right place. As this game is related to cooking, so there is nothing too complicated? It is a simple game but still, it is an engaging game. It will require all of your focus. In this game, you will also learn to manage your time. Your time management skill will improve with time. At the start, it might seem a bit overwhelming, but with the passage of time, it will get better.

There will be a lot of challenges, which will make cooking madness mod apk a lot more thrilling and adventurous. You will have to help the main chef. The main chef has to cook and your responsibility would be taking orders from the customers and also preparing food and them serving them as well. It might feel a lot but it will get easier. Your customer dealing skills will also get a bit better. Cooking madness mod apk is getting famous and being downloaded many million times.


Your character is that of a chef. Your character owns a restaurant which is not that good. You will start from there. The character is working all by himself. The dream of your character is to make multiple restaurants and also upgrade to the real one. But as the money is less, you have to use the money wisely. When your restaurant gets upgraded then you will start earning more money.

You will have to cook the food. The recipe will be given to you and you will have to follow that recipe, the customers might not get happy. The cooking part is the most interesting and amazing part of cooking madness mod apk. Cooking madness hack will help you in easily clearing all levels. Most of the games are all about preparing the good or dinner. In the start just start playing this game, you will get to know it once you start playing.

Customer dealing is going to be easy if you know how to manage time. You will not only prepare the food but you will also take orders and when prepared, you will also serve those items to your customer. Download One of the best game Cooking Diary Mod Apk in the Simulation category to enjoy its fun. Once you serve an item, you will be rewarded. The bigger the problems, the bigger the reward will be. If you get upgraded you will get more space and services. When you have more space you will get more orders and in turn you will earn a lot of money.


The whole set of challenges

Cooking madness mod apkpure will give you a lot of challenges. You can complete any of them. But completing them will be necessary if you want to make some progress. Challenges will be in the form of a number of orders completed in one day and just like that. When you complete a certain amount of challenges, you will get enough experience that is required for a level up. When you level up the difficulty level of challenges will increase.

Buy new places and expand your business

In the long run of this game, your main goal is to expand your business. First, you will have to upgrade your current restaurant and then grow it more. Then when your current restaurant has reached the maximum level, then you can buy any new place and start a restaurant there as well. At the start, you will not be able to buy big expensive restaurants. You will have to stay on the lower ones for some time to get enough money to buy them.

Learn time management

Cooking madness mod apkpure will help you in honing up your time management skills. You will have to take orders, prepare them and then also serve them to the customers. That is not an easy task. It will require sheer concentration, so that you can do all these three things at the right time so that the customers do not get irritated, as when they get irritated they leave the restaurant. Prevent this from happening.

Customer dealing

You will also get to know some little things about customer dealing. You will get to know what the customers like and do not like. You will have to adjust your behavior according to the customer. This task is also not easy as many players screw this part of the game and learn nothing. Cooking madness levels can be easily passed with cooking madness cheats. Cooking madness mod apk download is available for android 1. 


To enjoy the game, you will have to upgrade the items that you own in your restaurant. You will also have to upgrade your character so that new skills can be unlocked. Without upgrades, you will get bored of this game real quick. Mod of Postknight Mod Apk contains unlimited money, gems, and coins. Upgrade your character and your restaurant until you achieve the maximum level and become the best chef. For IOS and android, a free download of the latest version of cooking madness hack is available.

Unlimited everything

This version of cooking madness a chef’s restaurant game will provide you unlimited money, gems, coins, diamonds, energy, and health. All these things will make your progress a lot easier. You will not have to worry about your money and resources, which might cause problems and stagnation if they are less. Tell your friends to download this version of cooking madness at a chef’s restaurant too so that they can enjoy this game without worrying about money as well.

Variety of foods

This game will let you know about the variety of food.  You will also learn to cook them. This is the most amazing part of this game that you will learn all the recipes and cook them. Some might stick to your mind and will help you in cooking in real life as well.


The graphics are so neat and amazing. The food looks so delicious in these graphics. All the beauty of food items has met justice in this game.

How to download cooking madness mod apk?

Delete any latest version of cooking madness mod apk, if you have any in your device, just to be safe. For IOS, android 1 and PC, free download is available on our device, so go get it now!

  1. In order to start downloading the game, just click on the download button.
  2. Download is completed? Start the installation.
  3. When the game is installed, you can start playing it and learning cooking.


This game is good for every kind of age group. You will enjoy this game for sure. You will learn some recipes as well. You will do these three tasks; one, you will take orders from the customers, two, you will prepare the food for them from scratch, three, you will serve the food to the customer yourself as well. All these duties must be done by you. When you get the money you can also upgrade your items, restaurant, and also your own character.

Frequently asked questions

What will I get free from this version of this game?

This version of this game will provide you unlimited money, gems, coins, diamonds, energy and health.


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