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Cooking Diary Mod Apk latest version 2022 is free to download on Android. Play the game and get unlimited money, gems, rubies, characters with cheats.
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January 14, 2022
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This is a simulation game that is related to cooking. If you are enthusiastic about cooking then this might be the game for you. Cooking diary mod apk will let you experience all the skills that a chef has and that are required to manage a restaurant. This game also got famous for its gameplay and graphics. The game is not all about cooking, it will also give you an adventurous ride and you will get all kinds of thrills. Download the happymod and start playing this game.

You will have a restaurant. You will feel and get the experience of being an owner of a restaurant and how a person manages their own restaurant. It might be overwhelming at the start but as we proceed it will become fun. If you love cooking and want to enjoy it then you will surely love cooking diary mod apk as well. It will also improve your skills in management and leadership. Get unlimited money, gems, rubies, characters, and everything if you download cooking diary cheats. You will also get golden tickets. Platinmod will be provided.


Cooking diary mod apk is about two different things; cooking and managing. You will be the head chef of a restaurant. You will get to cook the orders that will be served also by you and you will be taking the orders as well. If cooking is your main interest then focus on cooking and leave the managing. It will not completely destroy your progress but might have some effect. Managing your restaurant will also help in leveling up.

You will start as a simple chef of a small restaurant. You will start taking orders and cooking. You will earn money and sources. lever up and be more enthusiastic in the gaming world by getting into Army Battle Simulator Mod. When you get enough to level up, you do and new items become available. You can buy those items worth your money and make your restaurants a bit better. You can also grow it in size and build new portions to make some more room for customers so that you can earn more money.

You will have certain levels and after that level, you will move on to a new place where you will open a new restaurant and will start making that restaurant a big and famous one and when that restaurant will reach maximum level, you will move on to a new owner and start a restaurant there as well. All of this will make every level amazing and will also be adventurous for you. Every level will have its own story and plot.

You will also be designing your restaurant. This game will also be developing your designing skills. So to sum up you will get an improvement in cooking, management and designing skills. You can upgrade your items and stuff and make them even better. Before buying new items, make sure that the previous stuff is fully upgraded. You will get all the characters unlocked and also unlimited money, gems, rubies, and everything. OBB files will be given to you. Cooking diary cheats 2022 will give you platinmod with golden tickets.


 Cooking different recipes

You will have a lot of recipes. You will be cooking them and preparing for the orders from the scratch. This might feel a bit over-burdening, but you will get used to it and enjoy it. Features in Postknight Mod Apk are outstanding for users. Cooking diary mod apk is so fun that the improvement part of the skill does not feel like a chore. As you upgrade and level up, you will get new recipes and you get to try them out. In this way, some of the ingredient’s minds get stuck in your mind.

Designing the restaurant

This is the most fun part if you want to design buildings and want to get some experience in interior designing. You will feel so good when you will get to see all the items unlocked and getting in the restaurants. You can also change the layout of the building if you want to and have enough money. The more beautiful the restaurant will be, the more customers will come to it and the more you will earn. After all the stressful cooking and managing time, you will get to design the restaurant and that will be the most fun thing.

Strategy development

Making strategies is very important while playing this game. Without a strategy, you will use all of your money on small and expensive things, and then you will not be able to get somewhere and will be stuff in it. This will get you bored. If you plan a strategy at the start and take the game along with it, then you will get to the final rank and will be the largest and best restaurant. Only a strategic person can get on the top ranks and become the best player.

Buying land

You will also be in the buying lands category. Once you move past the initial levels, new features will unlock, and buying property is one of them. If you have the money and some extra will be left after buying it, then you can buy it. You can build restaurants in that area and also work in them. You will also have to choose which land you want to buy and build a restaurant there. Every place will have some positive points and you will have to access that.

How to download the cooking diary mod apk?

Cooking diary mod apk is amazing. You will get to improve your skills. If you keep practicing cooking then you might be able to cook without a recipe. The download of the latest version is pretty simple. Install the game after downloading the game and then launch it and when you do it the system will ask you if you want to give permission for making some changes to your device, and it is valid for PC, android 1 [An1], and IOS for iPhone. For android 1 [An1], you will get OBB files so that the game can run smoothly.  

Download this game now! and start cooking and designing your restaurant with amazing items and become a big chef.


This is a cooking game and you should play it if you love cooking and the thing related to this game. You will also have to train the staff in your restaurant. Also, we will also help up. The skill for designing might get better. You will have to cook and deserve all the food. When you get a lot of money you can start the construction of different areas of your restaurant. Download the latest version of cooking diary cheats 2022. You can get this hack from the installer.

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my restaurant big?

You can your restaurant big by using the money that you got by serving your customers, to grow and upgrade your restaurant.

What will I get if I download the cooking diary mod apk?  

You will get everything unlocked and also get all the resources unlimited.

Do I require internet to install this game?

You will need internet while downloading this game. But once it is downloaded, you can install the files without the internet.  


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